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If I had one goal it would be, not to concede, or not even consider defeat/

Unscathed from the thought of fatigue, It don’t matter the weight, I won’t break cuz I’m light on my feet/

These are the visions that I have when I’m sleep, Cuz when I’m conscious I’m weak, surprisingly I haven’t slept in a week/

So that warrants no reason to dream, I can’t change what I’ve seen so my reality is all that it seems/

Made a decision on the date I was born/

In need of constant reform/

Constantly adjust the way I perfrom/

Give a fuck about the strength of the storm/

Cuz when the pressure is high, I don’t replicate mistakes from before…

Into the Aurora…

Negative actions exist naturally in nature - as human beings we are predisposed to ill intentions - some better than others at suppressing the oppressing will to commit unjustifiable crimes - this morning we woke up to awful news - understand the significance of that last sentence - miles away from this nightmare, we woke up today- as for the residents of Aurora, Colorado? they remain in a perpetual state of night terrors - we are united by civic terms, but we cannot feel their pain - whether it be emotional or physical - we stand from a far reading the continuous developments- acknowledging the thoughts of their friends and relatives - they are mothers, fathers, daughters and brothers - they are now bound together as victims - the survivors must go forward dealing with a life full of grief- they say all wounds heal in time - but not for the people associated with theater 9. 

The Older the Berry?

There used to be a stigma surrounding players in their mid to late thirties. The teams they served for years suddenly did not want them, and the teams that did have interest in them were not confident enough to give them a multi-year deal. So these former All-Star players are suddenly riding the bench on a middle-tier NBA team wishing they would have called it quits. All of a sudden, NBA teams are coveting these 12-15 year veterans and giving them deals they could have commanded in their prime. Recently we have seen Kevin Garnett, aged 36, get a three year, $34 million dollar deal to remain with the Celtics. It has also been reported that the Toronto Raptors have offered Steve Nash a 3 year, $36 million dollar deal. Although Steve Nash is in incredible shape and still playing at an elite level, that kind of confidence and commitment to a 38 year old player is unprecedented in the NBA. Ray Allen is also commanding a lot of attention from the Celtics, Grizzlies and Heat. Although all three of the aforementioned players are freaks of nature in terms of conditioning and performance, it is just such a change from what we have grown to see in the NBA. Does this mean that NBA teams are doubting the readiness of young players due to players coming into the league underdeveloped? If that’s the case, should we anticipate this kind of practice until they change the “one and done” rule that is applied to potential NBA players? Whatever the case maybe, we are witnessing something that has not been seen in this league. As fans, do you like the idea of your favorite club throwing money at players who can admit to having their best seasons behind them? Personally, I like that fact the great players are being recognized and awarded for their many years of service and continued excellence. Hopefully the old heads can help bring the best of the young bucks that are just beginning their NBA journeys.

Buccaneers Poised for Change.

Change does not come easily. It is a calculated and diligent process. In order to see the positive effects change has to offer, you must first alter the identity of the entity you wish to change. Change is not only imperative from a physical standpoint, but also from a mental one. That being said, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the highroad to change and they have started this process by re-shaping the mentality and persona of their organization.

The hiring of head coach Greg Schiano in January did not create much buzz in the football world; that is, until he held his introductory press conference in Tampa. After hearing of coach Schiano’s appointment as Bucs head coach, I immediately did some reading on his accomplishments at Rutgers University. His overall record at Rutgers was less than stellar posting a mediocre 68-67 in the win/loss column. But what really caught my attention was his attention to detail and his willingness to teach. Coach Schiano’s first four seasons at Rutgers were dismal to say the least, but he showed resilience by taking over defensive coordinator duties and being more involved in the teams development. Coach Schiano instilled a system at Rutgers that believed in one simple concept, accountability. Holding one another accountable for the teams success and failures is what ultimately built the solid foundation coach Schiano has left behind at Rutgers University.

Often times there is a stigma on successful college head coaches coming into the NFL. There are always skeptics who question whether or not they will be able to command the respect from their incumbent players. Coach Schiano did not allow any questions to be posed. He immediately earned the respect of his young Buccaneer players. Coach Schiano explained the system that was in place at Rutgers and how he intended to bring that same system to Tampa in the hopes of creating “The Buccaneer Way.” General Manager Mark Dominick was immediately on board, as well as the young leader of the Buccaneers, Josh Freeman.

Coach Schiano is a big believer that character values are indicative of a players success on the football field. In this years NFL draft, coach Schiano’s influence was evident by the selections made and some of the criteria that induced those selections. Going into the draft, the Buccaneers owned the 5th overall pick, that pick was trade to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 7th overall pick and a 4th round pick. When this deal was announced, I was very confused because all indications were that the Buccaneers were in line to draft CB Morris Claiborne out of LSU. After the Jaguars made the selection of Justin Blackmon with the 5th overall pick, the Dallas Cowboys made a bold move to trade into the 6th overall spot to take the coveted corner. I was pissed. I had no clue what the Buccaneers were doing. I thought it was all but certain that if Morris Claiborne was available, the Bucs were taking him. The Buccaneers are lean at the corner position, and it proved to be the most susceptible position on defense for the Buccaneers in 2011-2012. So with the 7th overall selection in the 2012 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Mark Barron, strong safety out of Alabama. Mark Barron was a hot name in the week leading up to the draft. I knew who Mark Barron was, but I felt that corner was more of a need at this point rather than safety. After hearing Mark Dominick’s explanation of the selection, I began to fully understand why the Buccaneers valued him so highly. Mark Barron is not only a sure tackler and an all-around great safety, he is a National Champion and a team captain. Both qualities are now valued immensely by the Buccaneers organization. Taking Morris Claiborne in the first round was the consensus formed by Bucs fans, but it did not seem like much of a formality for the Buccaneers. It is possible, and likely, that the Wonderlic scores Claiborne posted is what made the Bucs look in the other direction. After having time to think about it, I’m glad the Buccaneers stuck to their beliefs and drafted the right guy. Mark Barron looks like a day-one starter and an immediate voice in the locker room.

Prior to the draft, the Buccaneers took a massive plunge into the free agency pool.  An action that most Bucs fans aren’t conditioned to. On the first day of free agency, the Buccaneers landed dynamic wide receiver Vincent Jackson. On subsequent days, the Buccaneers landed All-Pro left guard Carl Nicks and corner back Eric Wright. With those three signings, it proved that the Buccaneers were ready to change the entire football culture in Tampa. Even the signings in free agency are indicative of the Buccaneers new system. All three big signings have proven to be team oriented.

The urgency to sign two big time offensive players proves that the Buccaneers still have the utmost belief in Josh Freeman. Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks are going to prove vital for Josh Freeman’s success. After an incredible season in 2010-2011, the young Bucs quarterback struggled to replicate his success in 2011-2012. In the modern NFL, quarterbacks are expected to reach the playoffs immediately. The ideology of grooming and developing quarterbacks has disappeared. With the recent success of Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez, young quarterbacks simply aren’t allotted adequate time to develop. Judging by the Buccaneers recent actions, they seem to be giving Josh more than enough time to develop. Josh Freeman has proved in his short career that he has what it takes to succeed in this league. He is a clutch preformer and a hard worker. The maturity and willingness to work puts Josh in a prime position to succeed with the Buccaneers this season. The confidence that the Buccaneers are putting in him is unparalleled in today’s league.  Hopefully Josh can return the favor by tapping into his elite quarterback potential.

It has become a tired subject, but the NFL is now a passing league. That being said, this football team is only going to go as far as Josh Freeman is going to take them. At such a young age, Josh Freeman has been tasked with harnessing the load of 4-12 football team. The Buccaneers appear to be going back to the basics after drafting Doug Martin in the first round of the draft. The addition of Martin immediately assumes that the Buccaneers plan on pounding the rock. Pounding the rock has never had such a literal meaning. The Buccaneers have two bruising running backs to choose from. Although Doug Martin is explosive, he specializes in running between the tackles similar to LeGarrette Blount. With the addition of Carl Nicks up front, the Buccaneers have a realistic possibility of having the number 1 rushing attack in the NFL. Running the ball successfully really wears out the opposing defense and it keeps your defense off of the field. A successful rushing attack benefits both sides of the ball. As long as this talented offensive line plays to their potential and remains injury free, the Buccaneers are poised for success on the ground in 2012.

If you’re reading this, you may be wondering why there has been no talk of the defense. They were equally as disappointing if not more disappointing in 2011-2012. I will leave that topic for another day. As a fan, I’m more concerned with putting up points. This football team seems to be moving in the right direction and we can only hope that all of this change reflects on the gridiron.

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Belated Birthday…

March 5th, I am Pisces. 

1991, the year of the goat. 

Only dead fish go with the flow, only the strong ones stay afloat.

I was lead to the stream and forced to drink.

That’s how I came to be.

The stars aligned and began to shine, and out came me.

Japanese Elephant Swag?

Boston,Mass this morning. (Taken with instagram)

Russell Westbrook and the success of the OKC Thunder.

Russell Westbrook deserves every dime of his 5 year, $79 million dollar deal. He’s the second best point guard in the league behind Chris Paul. He still needs to work on his shot selection, but don’t discredit the work he’s already applied to his shot selection. A lot of fans don’t see Russ as a point guard, but I think he has been great thus far and he is improving every year. Yes, he is a shoot-first point guard, but his assist numbers still remain very solid. He is an excellent defender and he hustles on every play, offensively and defensively. Russell Westbrook is a legitimate superstar in this league and I’m happy he is going to continue his career with Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. They’ve got a nice group of guys down there and it’s a wonderful sight to see. A small market team that has got a championship caliber roster that achieved success through excellent draft picks and player development. The supposed disconnect between Russ and KD appears to have been unwarranted media hype. It just gave analysts and columnists shit to talk and write about. Hopefully, now, they can talk about how scary the Thunder are going to be for the next 5 seasons. Looks like the NBA’s next great dynasty is manifesting in Oklahoma City.